• The graduates of the Heart of America Teen Challenge of Greater Kansas City program will be equipped to live a successful Christian life through:

  • Living Biblical principles taught and experienced daily in studies and physical labor activities.

  • Participating in Bible studies, Church attendance, Community volunteering, family living with household duties, gardening, and other work projects

  •  Building strong relationships with family, church, community, and employment learned as an educated Teen Challenge student.


Who Are We?


  • Heart of America Teen Challenge of Greater Kansas City

  • Bible-based, Christ-Centered Program

  • Emphasizes the power of God through Jesus Christ to change lives.

  • Christian Discipleship for teenage and adult men in a residential environment.

  • Victory Comes through a change of life not just the change of a particular habit or issue.



How are we different from other programs?


  • Heart of America Teen Challenge is the only program in the United States that enrolls 16 and 17-year-old students in an adult structured setting.

  • Financial assistance is provided to many that cannot afford the adolescent structured program.

  • Ministry goals are to reach as many individuals as possible.


What services are offered?


  • Up to 6 months Discipleship for men 16 years and up.

  • A 30 Day Challenge Discipleship Program.

  • Support Groups for Men and Women dealing with Life-controlling issues.

  • Counseling and referrals to other Teen Challenge options.

How Long is the Program?

  • A 30-day residential program.

  • 5 additional months discipleship for those desiring to go deeper in their faith.


What areas of learning do you offer?


  • Studies are based and taught around the truth of God's Word.

  • Students learn to live with strict schedules and to complete daily household chores.

  • Work experience projects and training is offered to assist them in developing good work attitudes needed for them to be successful in any trade or job they choose,


Our Graduates Pay It Forward:


  • Graduates may be offered an intern capacity to help others coming into the program.,

  • Graduates serving in an intern capacity have proven to be an inspiration to new students and a fulfilling experience for them.


Our residents reach out to those in need:


  • Students and staff travel to churches and community organizations to educate everyone that there is help available for those in desperate need.

  • Current students share their experiences and victories obtained through Jesus changing their lives and Teen Challenge providing a place where these changes are happening.


What is the cost of the program?


  • The tuition cost is $1,000 all inclusive for the 30 Day Challenge.

  • The discounted tuition for the 5 month Training program is $500 per month after completing the 30 Day Challenge.

  • Research shows secular programs costs are estimated up to $30,000 for a 30-day treatment with a very low success rate.  Teen Challenge has been documented to have over a 70 % success rate.

What is the residential home like?

  • Our "Oasis" residential center is located on 18 acres just outside the city limits of Lawrence, Kansas.

  • Our small "farm" has a firewood and pallet processing business.  We also raise chickens and goats.

  • Outside recreation is encouraged and includes a full basketball court.

  • Housing includes room for eleven students and includes a living room for Bible studies, dining room for family style meals, full kitchen and bathroom facilities shared by residents.

Administrative Office
Heart of America Teen Challenge
P.O. Box 5593
Etna, WY 83118